Train Smarter

Optimized training systems for every athlete


In-person and online: Individualized and affordable training programs that can be done anywhere and are designed to maximize the time and energy you put into training. 

Programs are created based on scientific research to reflect individual physiology, training history, and needs so that you improve faster than you ever have before. Our unique approach allows you to establish a foundation of movement patterns upon which you can build your training improvements.


Offers & Services

  • General strength and running programs

  • Individualized training programs for strength and performance

  • Individual movement coaching

  • Yearly Training Plans

  • Yoga for Cyclists, Skiers, Climbers and Runners

Bringing out the best athlete in you.

Working With

  • Alpine, backcountry, nordic skiers, & biathlon

  • Trail & road runners

  • Road cyclists, mountain bikers

  • Climbers

  • Rowers

  • Firefighters

  • Swimmers

  • Kayakers

  • Equestrian Riders

  • Golfers

  • Injury Rehabilitation

and many more.

Your Coach


Chelsea comes from an extensive background of sports both competitive and recreational ranging from luge to rock climbing. She obtained a Master's degree in exercise physiology from the University of Calgary in addition to several other certifications and has spent more than 7 years in training and coaching.

She believes that quality of movement is vital for an individual's success in sport performance and injury prevention. A perfectionist when it comes to ensuring successful movement patterns in clients, Chelsea excels at bringing out the best athlete in each individual.



“Calm and calculating, Chelsea has an incredibly detailed eye for movement quality. She corrects flaws with gentle and accurate cues, creating a training environment that is safe and beyond effective. After almost twenty years of working in sport, I’m confident that Chelsea’s skill set is among the elite.”

Instagram: @omniamoveandperform

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