“Working with Chelsea at Omnia is awesome. She has great attention to details and her exercises are always very well adapted and specific to the sport I do. As a physiotherapist, it is amazing to work with a kinesiologist and strength coach who can really put the emphasis on movement quality and execution rather than just an amount of repetitions.

Highly recommended!”

  • J.D

Ultrarunner & Physio

“Calm and calculating, Chelsea has an incredibly detailed eye for movement quality. She corrects flaws with gentle and accurate cues, creating a training environment that is safe and beyond effective. After almost twenty years of working in sport, I’m confident that Chelsea’s skill set is among the elite.”

  • S.E.



“Chelsea’s services are pretty affordable, and she’s also one of the best, a highly trained kinesiologist who has a background in elite sports herself. She’s also an avid ski tourer and works with many skiers here at the national training facility at Canmore’s nordic centre.”

  • T.W.

IFMGA Mountain Guide


“Working with Chelsea has been very valuable, both in fitness and strength, but also in unexpected ways.  She recognized that poor flexibility was limiting my balance, and that cascaded into backcountry and downhill skiing challenges, which I felt I just had to live with.  A couple of simple exercises worked right away, which was amazing.  Chelsea has great skills in looking at movement and balance and the way your body has learned to work, and helping you work better.  I recommend her to anyone wanting to explore what you are really capable of, especially if you are older and want to keep doing your sport into the future.”

  • J. M.

Recreational uphill athlete

“I spent the larger part of a year training with Chelsea and in that time she built an amazing training program specific to my needs. I improved so much in my strength and body awareness and she helped make that happen! ”

  • B.M.



“I travel frequently and I always found that it interrupted my fitness schedule. Moving from place to place brings new equipment that I'm not familiar with and changing training schedules and availability. Working with Chelsea has taken a lot of the guess-work out of my training schedule. She's been able to develop routines and programs that I can use anywhere but still maintain the level of difficulty and progression that I have at my gym at home. She's also discussed and recommended equipment to fit easily in a checked bag so I can take it anywhere. I've been honestly shocked when I saw improvement in my major lifts even after spending 3 weeks in an air-bnb doing bodyweight and stability programs Chelsea put together. I had honestly gotten used to the idea of re-building strength every time I travel, and the change has been very welcome.

Chelsea's programs helps me to address my short-term needs while keeping in mind the long-term goals we established when I started working with her. She's tailored my program to add a functional fitness and mobility aspect to my program that wasn't there before, addressing some mobility issues that I've put off forever. It's weird to say that at the age of 30 I'm finally starting to feel like I'm walking and running right (not to mention squatting and lifting). I can only imagine the competitive advantage this type of training would have given me if I'd started it sooner.”

  • T. C.

Recreational Athlete

“Working with Chelsea has definitely changed my perspective when it comes to working out. I look forward to my time in the gym more than I ever have in the past. It’s a satisfying challenge and with each program I always am surprised with what my body can accomplish.

I was never known to be a Gym Rat, I struggled with confusing machines and incorrect form, now I’ve learned that a lot of workouts can be done with just a yoga mat and your body!

She incorporates things like balance and coordination into my workouts that not only helps with my skiing and climbing needs, but my physical needs in my workplace.

I have never felt this strong in my adult life and I’m looking forward to my next program!”

  • S.W.

Nurse & Recreational Athlete