Strength & Movement Coaching

Train smarter with individual coaching. Analyzing your movement patterns, inefficiencies, and finding the simple and effective ways to improve your performance.

In-person training sessions to give you the skills to move better, improve training efficacy, and prevent injuries. Under the eye of a science-based approach and years of experience, you will grow your abilities and perspective on personal potential.

Training packages vary depending on individual needs so the best option is to contact for more information.


Individual Programs

An individualized training plan created specifically for you.

This includes a 30 min phone/online consultation during which your goals, limitations, and training history will be discussed to optimize the creation of your program.

You will receive a customized training plan, including all of the information you need to jump right in - working with the resources you have available.

You will also have email access (up to 4/week) throughout the program to check in, monitor progress and ask any questions.

Cost: $100/month

Contact us free of commitment for more information and to get training!

Consultation: No charge & no commitment


Individual Programs + Coaching

Including everything from the above Individual Programs option, with additional movement coaching.

Via video analysis, you will receive feedback on the movements and exercises completed in training to optimize your time and energy deposited into workouts.

A foundation of solid movement patterns is vital to injury prevention and maximizing improvements during training. With additional movement coaching you have access to a movement expert who will critically evaluate your body's movement patterns and provide feedback to get you stronger, more stable and more confident in all aspects.

Cost: $120/month

Contact us for more information

With a minimum 6-month commitment, individualized training programs include a Yearly Training Plan (YTP) designed to optimize long-term training goals. Creating a detailed timeline and schedule for your training to maximize physiological adaptations and enable you to achieve your best.


General Programs

Pre-designed programs created for strength training and running. Additional information on each can be found on the purchase page.

Strength Training:

Designed for individuals who are relatively injury-free and seeking to get stronger overall. Simple and effective movements, including basic instructions and photos with each exercise for guidance.


10 weeks to a 10km

3 months to a Half Marathon

5 months to a Half Marathon

6 months to a Marathon and

1 year to a Marathon

An option for anyone whether you are a frequent runner or just getting started!

*Note - programs are currently undergoing a re-format. The information is still the same!


Yoga Video

A yoga video targeted towards climbers, mountain bikers, skiers and runners, and more - who could all use more space in hips and shoulders.

Balancing relaxation, opening, and body awareness, this yoga session will help you recover and gain some mobility in those areas you use most.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this video

Coming soon!

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